Meet Our Team: Patrick Ulanowicz

Picture 004 B

Patrick Ulanowicz is a 4th year apprentice at the Ann Arbor Electrical Joint Apprenticeship Training Center. Pat has been on the Union 4 Life team since its founding in 2012. Pat said he wanted to join Union 4 Life because he wanted the opportunity to help his community while shedding a positive light on unionism.

“It’s gratifying to get out and fulfill a need that impacts everyone, and then to see the results of your work,” Pat said. “It’s important to support this and other community events because we must give back to the people in need and other charitable organizations in our area.”

Pat said his favorite memory from a Union 4 Life event this far has been the 2016 check presentation to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center’s Breast Cancer Research Program. Union 4 Life was able to donate $20,000 to the Cancer Center from the fundraising events, sponsorships, and donations the charity received in 2016.

Pat said the Union 4 Life charity is also a great opportunity for Union members to change the stigma around unions.

“A lot of people think that union members are a bunch of lazy, overpaid goons, but that is not true,” Pat said. “Union members are highly trained, skilled, and motivated workers that give back to the community.”


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